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Are you sick and tired of hearing people argue about which restaurant has the best burgers? Are you ready to head out on the town feeling confident that you’re going to get to sink your teeth into a juicy, delicious burger? Well, look no further. is the answer to your prayers.

We have spent the past three years scouring this city from borough to borough in search of the best burger.  We have eaten at over 100 reputable burger joints.  We have tasted the best, and we have tasted the worst.  And now we’re delivering this vital information to you…for free!

You see, we’re just like you…passionate about food. And boy do we love a good burger. So, we’ve put together this site as a Mecca for burger connoisseurs. Here you can find detailed information about the best burgers this city has to offer.

Our unique scoring system allows us to put a ranking on each burger based on the characteristics that we feel are integral to an outstanding burger.

So please read on, and enjoy the burgers!!!