Site Meter was founded by four individuals that have worked in the bar and restaurant business for the majority of their careers. We have worked in the front of the house as well as the back of the house. Two of us have owned our own restaurants (none of the ones rated on this site), one was an executive chef for a number of years, and the last is currently Food and Beverage Director of a large restaurant chain.

Food is our passion, and burgers are our favorite food. In our opinions, there’s a night for Chinese, a night for Mexican, and on and on. But rarely is there a night that someone would dare say, “the last thing I want right now is a juicy, delicious burger!”

It is this passion that has inspired us to develope this site. We aim to find the best burgers this city has to offer. Once we do, we want nothing more than to share this brilliant information with you so you can enjoy them as much as we did. We hope you go out and try these burgers; we’re confident you’ll feel the same way about them.

It is important to note that we are not affiliated with any establishment referenced on this website. In addition, when we review these burgers, we come unannounced. For the sake of accuracy, we have remained anonymous. We want to taste what you’d end up tasting, so we keep a low profile and give 100% unbiased reviews.

Enjoy the burger journey!