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About These Rankings:

After 20 years of major burger consumption, we truly believe we have discovered the characteristics of a great burger. Our ranking system is based on a scoring system that encompasses these specific characteristics. For every burger we review, we assign a score for each of the following categories:

  • Ground Beef Quality (25 points): Including tastiness, juiciness, and fat percentage
  • Extras (25 points): Includes toppings that come with the burger or are available
  • Bun/Roll (25 points): No need for an explanation
  • Value (25 points): Our overall rating divided by price

With regards to cuisine, New York is one of the finest cities in the world. As such, there are ample opportunities to find a great burger. Based on our expert analysis, we have calculated the following rankings. We are aware that there are thousands of fine eating establishments in this fine city. We have reviewed over 100 eateries. We felt that listing the top 20 burgers in this city would give you ample opportunity to taste the best that’s out there.

Rankings by Restaurant (total score): 

West 3rd Common (98)
P.J. Clarke’s (97)
Burger Joint (96)
Shake Shack (95)
J. G. Melon (95)
Royale (94)
Paul’s Place (93)
Spotted Pig (93)
DBGB (92)
Black Iron Burger Shop (92) 
Five Napkin Burger (91)
Rare (91)
The Prime Burger (90)
Mark (90)
Blue 9 (89)
Waterfront Ale House (88)
Resto (88)
Donovan’s Pub (88)
Market Table (87)
Thunder Jackson’s (87)